Written by Ibrahim — PakkoGigantic

Created the 09/30/20, last edit: 09/30/20

Terms of Service

The Terms of Service include : Privacy Policy, In-Game Rules and Staff Privacy Policy/Rules.


All members, staff members need to respect the privacy of others. you have no right to share personal information in public without the consent of the person. Sharing passwords, accounts is illegal but if you do it we can't help you to get back the account, you are responsible for your act. Sharing fake privacy informations about someone is strictly illegal, it can destroy the life of a person. Disclosing personal information is strictly prohibited, even if it is a joke. A joke about personal informations isn't funny. Make fun of the death of someone close to someone is strictly illegal, the life is sad, the best thing to do is support him. Identity Theft is strictly illegal, and severely punished, you don't have to pretend to be someone else.

In-Games Rules

We all know, having a game with no rules mean we can do anything on it, so we will set rules. Being rascist is strictly illegal, insult peoples or spam spawn kill them is totally prohibited. Abusing a object, thing very powerful to spam kill peoples is illegal, same for "hackers", "exploiters", "cheaters". Respect the rules of each DinographicPixels Games, every games have rules we can't say all in a general in-games rules section. Respect the privacy policy.

Staff Privacy Policy and Rules

Respect the Privacy Policy, To get a job at DinographicPixels the required age is 16. You'll need to show your first name, this one will be displayed on the website and when we talk, we use your real first name and not your nickname, if you don't want show us your nickname the owner is able to kick you. For the rules, don't abuse powers, don't insult, have/use correct grammar. You need to be active, online 2 per weeks minimum, if this rules isn't respected we will demote you.