Another Mysterious Adventure

A Jojo's Bizarre Adventure based game.

Version: ALPHA V.9

AMA, Another Mysterious Adventure is a anime game, a Jojo's Bizarre Adventure game. You can get arrow to get a Stand, or some items to get Specs, You can evolve Stands/Specs with items, or level up your stands/specs. Its a PVP game too, you can PVP with players, in the PVP Arena and have fun. All stands have specials ability's, its the first game released by DinographicPixels because the developement of WaitingForHero has been paused/stopped.

Official Website (Coming Soon) Play the game


Wazowski Memer

A Meme/Fun Bot.

Discontinued due to Discord incident. R.I.P (2020-2022)

This bot is very inspired by Dank Memer, better systems, better ping command. The PREFIX of Wazowski Memer is "plz", like the "pls" of Dank Memer. Wazwoski Memer will be upgraded and become better, databases are stables and DinographicPixels API and Servers are correct. This bot have more professional env things like "polls creator", create polls for your server members or.. server members can create polls!

Official Website



A Horror Game

Type: Stress | Unreleased/Paused

WaitingForHero (WFH) is a Horror/Stress game and multiplayer. 6 Players on a house, a Hero he can revive deads Humans and he need to escape, same goal the the Humans, and a Monster, he need to kill all Humans/Hero before they escape. Humans need to search differents objects on the map to unlock doors, etc.. The Humans can throw a object on the Monster, he will walk more slowly for 2 seconds.